Writing Roots


  I’ve always been a dreamer, preferring to live inside my head as opposed to out in the real world. I would write short stories and family newsletters when I was just a little girl. Also, I was the queen of passing notes in class. I wrote enough notes to fill the entire school library, but I always got caught, so Mrs. Phillips has them all.  

 I’ve always enjoyed reading too, because screw reality. During a particularly hard year of being bullied, books and writing were the only thing that gave me a break from the heaviness of life. Wine would’ve helped, but my parents had a strict policy about no alcohol at age twelve or whatever.  

 I was thirty-five and I still had no idea what I wanted to be when I “grew up.” It never occurred to me that I could be a “writer” as I considered becoming a ninja, or a professional wrestler. Then I heard of Nola Ochs.  

 Nola set a world record by earning her master’s degree at the age of ninety-eight. At the age of one-hundred, she started writing a book! I was amazed by her ambition, and decided that I wanted to be Nola Ochs when I grew up.  

 I sat down and began writing my first novel the day I heard of Nola Ochs. Her achievements continue to inspire me to never give up, but it is my lifelong passion for dreaming and writing that keeps me going.